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Sunday, March 30, 2008



Bacteriophage was a game made with Game Maker 7 for one of my classes at UCSC. It was an awesome class called Foundations of Game Design. It's the teaser course for the game design major, and consequently it was massive, about 300 students in a giant lecture hall learning the basics of game design and video game history. The big project for the class was to design a game with a partner. I had a partner, but he was useless, so I did the entire game myself, with some help on artwork and music from friends.

All of the 150 or so games that were turned in at the end of the quarter were entered in a class-wide competition. The games were judged by the owners of three Santa Cruz based game companies, and competing for a Nintendo DS and other video game prizes.

Bacteriophage was picked as one of 7 finalists to be demoed for the whole class and entered in the final competition. In the end it wound up tied for 3rd place, which isn't half bad for a solo game project competing against more than a hundred other games.

Overall Bacteriophage isn't a complete project yet, it still has a few bugs that need fixing, and it lacks two or three layers of polish that it would need to compete in the real world. At some point in the near future, I'll sit down for a while, complete it and re-release it, but for now I've been distracted by newer projects and its been put on the back burner.

I'm working on getting a direct download link, but for now check out my yoyogames site (above) where you can play online or download it (which is the option I recommended).


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