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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gang Garrison

Its way past time I updated this. So its time to get started, I hope by the time anyone reads this I will have totally redone the layout as well.

For the TIGSource Bootleg Demakes Competition in August, I teamed up with fellow TIGSourcers MedO and Synnah to create Gang Garrison II, a TF2 demake. We came iu second place and came away with a very loyal community devoted to Gang Garrison. 

If your interested in the version we released for the compo you can find it here:

But its come a long way since then. 

There was so much user interest in continuing development on the game that we released it as open source so that anyone interested could help us develop the game. Since then we have put together a devoted development team and they have worked hard to complete Gang Garrison and make it into the fully polished feature-intense game we always dreamed of. 

Check out our website http://ganggarrison.com where you can download the latest version and see where the game is at now!

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